Hi, I'm Tinkerbell! My best friend is Petra, a fairy who lives in Neverland! Too bad Petra's been hanging out with Hook more than me, recently... I thought we were besties Petra!
Tinkerbell Rarity 5Star
Specialty weapon Sword Sword
Element Wood Wood
Lider Ability Skill Everyone's ATK and DEF increase by 10% This character's ATK and DEF increase by another 10%
Max Skill Slot A SPEC B MATK C ATK
{{{ability1_img}}} Gren Waltz
A three-hit 95% power attack. Slightly decreases traget's DEF and slightly increases own ATK.
(Lvl 5) {{{ability1_powerup_desc}}}
Cooldown: {{{ability1_cd}}}
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