Base Info Edit

Girls have star (1-5)

Max Evolution Stage is the same that star.

1 evo = max lv 30

2 evo = max lv 50

3 evo = max lv 70

4 evo = max lv 80

5 evo = max lv 90

Speciality Edit

Spear: Can use Spear weapon

Abilites Edit

Evolutions Edit

Requirements Edit

Each element have ston small (S), medium (M) and Large (L). Each character start in first evo. If you upgrade fire character, you need fire stone.

Event character cost:

2 evolution cost:10(S), 5 (M) 1 event item

Normal character cost:

2 evolution cost:10(S), 5 (M)

3 evolution cost: 20(S), 10(M), 3(L)

4 evolution cost: 30(S), 20(M), 10(L), 1 Otogi stone

5 evolution cost: 50(S), 30(M), 20(L), 5 Otogi stone

You can use duplicate charater instead material.

Limit BreakEdit

The following ★3 Character can now be Limit Break:
Cinderella, Speculum, Son Wukong, Azo Solemn, Leela, Maura, Doldum, Doldledee, Dumbledee, Cheshire, Leuw.

New ★3 characters' Limit Break released!
└★3 Lucy, ★3 Colle, ★3 Tutilla, ★3 Madame Raiment, ★3 Adelina, ★3 Priscilla, ★3 Tictalle, ★3 Adolpha


Warning! Few characters have "Sword" speciality but in game "Dagger" this icon is slimar, and I repair this mistake later.List all character

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