Material Rush Edit

Material Rush

This daily quest have 3 stage: Beginner, Intermediade and Advance.

Material Rush2

Beginner guarantee 2x Bronze chest

Intermediade guarantee 2x Silver chest

Advance guarantee 2x Gold chest

Each stage gives randomly bag. At a higher difficulty level you have a better chance of getting better bag, but still you can give only few bronze bag from advenced quest.You can't get other chest than guaranteed. You can see frame in or libary (in game menu)

Brown chest
Bronze chest gives randomly 1 star weapon or accessory (green frame)
Silver chest
Silver chest gives randomly 2 star weapon or accessory (bronze frame)
Gold chest
Gold chest gives randomly 3 star weapon or accessory (silver frame)
Brown bag
Bronze bag gives randomly material (green frame) or item
Silver bag
Silver bag gives randomly material (silver frame) or item
Gold bag
Gold bag gives randomly material (Gold or rainbow frame)

Element Quest Edit

Beginner high probability Bronze chest, high probability bronze bag

Intermediade high probability silver bag/ silver chest

Advance guarantee high probability Gold chest, high probability gold bag

ele= curent element (if wood quest ele = wood) Snelly is enchante item give exp to character

Brown chest
Bronze chest gives ele Snelly (S)
Silver chest
Silver chest gives ele Snelly (M)
Gold chest
Gold chest gives gives ele Snelly (L)
Brown bag
Bronze bag gives ele stone (S)
Silver bag
Silver bag gives ele stone (M)
Gold bag
Gold bag gives ele stone (L) or Otogi Stone

Spirit's Sanctuary Edit

Spirit's Sanctuary! (1 key) high probability bronze bag (for example 9 bronze, 1 silver, 1 gold)

Spirit's Sanctuary!! (3 key) balanced probability (for example 7 bronze, 13 silver, 8 gold)

Brown bag
Bronze bag gives Solar Core (S) or Star Cluster (S)
Silver bag
Silver bag gives Solar Core (M) or Star Cluster (M)
Gold bag
Gold bag gives Solar Core (L) or Star Cluster (L) or Super Cluster

Pixie's Paradise Edit

Pixie's Paradise! (1 key)

Pixie's Paradise!! (3 key)

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